Best Foot Fetish

All about beautiful girls showing off their adorable feet.

Goddess Jessy makes you weak with her perfect feet. Since she knows about your little dirty secret - talking about your pathetic foot fetish - she decides to use her marvelous feet for her advantage. She shows them off, makes you stare at them and playfully moves her perfect toes... Aren't you already kneeling ready to serve and do whatever this perfect girl wants you to?

The Mistress arrives at home with her luxury car. As she opens the door to leave it, her soles crushed a little cheese. First she didn't notice but then she laughs as she sees the squashed cheese under her sexy pumps. She has the desire to repeat this experience - so she crushes some several cheese for her own amusement.

Cheeky Brat Girl Susan pumps the pedal in this clip. She wears sexy flip flop thongs and shows off her perfectly pedicured black polished toes. First she lets the engine growl by stepping on the pedal with her shoes, after that she enjoys pumping them with her bare feet.

The mistress decides to crush her husband's favorite toy fire engine in this clip. She wears a pair of black sexy shiny pumps as she is targeting the nice model vehicle with her sharp heel. Slowly she lowers it until she touches it. She keeps increasing the pressure until the fire engine cracks and breaks apart...

Jessy wears pink soft leather boots as you are laying on the ground next to her feet. She smiles down on you and starts to lower the bottoms of her nice boots right on your face. You cannot do anything but letting her step on you foot by foot. She really enjoys having you down and groveling to her sexy feet, that's where you belong...

Angela comes home from work and takes off her boots and socks to show you her bare feet after a stressful day of work. She lies down on the couch and plays with her feet, spreading her toes and rests them. They could use a good massage and some kissing now - you want to do that?

Student Alexa knows how much you adore pretty female feet and shoes you her sexy pointy shoes, her well worn socks and perfect size 5 bare feet. You would like to worship them now? Kiss them? Lick them? Smell them?

Jessy comes home after a stressful day of work and takes off her sexy nylons for you. You can see her sexy pedicured bare feet while she's sitting on the couch and massaging her feet.

One of those cruel sexy buffalo ladies has found the mobile phone of her ex-boyfriend. Because he was a total asshole she decides to crush his phone with her favorite black leather boots. She puts it on the ground, slowly lowers her sharp heel on the display and - crack!...

The weather is hot, the sun shines bright and gorgeous mistress Lady Anja stands right in front of you with some very sexy shorts as she decides to sit down in the grass to tease you with her sexy soles. She shows them off and moves them slowly and hypnotically in front of the camera...

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