Best Foot Fetish

All about beautiful girls showing off their adorable feet.

Mistress Veronika was disappointed to learn that this loser had been doing things without her knowledge. She had told him to inform her of everything he was doing and she was pissed that he did not do it. She used her bare feet to torture and humiliate him. She asked him to lick her flip flops and her bare feet as punishment and by the end of it, he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Vikki loves to have fun at the expense of losers. That is what she did today as she got this loser to lick her socks as well as her bare feet. She sat down and read a book as she waited for those things to be done to her. She enjoyed the whole thing and she had fun with it. It was so much fun that she made the loser do it again.

When it comes to torturing loser, this mistress prefers to do it with her bare feet. For added fun, she likes to make sure her feet are either dirty or sweaty as clean feet are not as humiliating as sweaty or dirty ones. Today she used sweaty feet to dominate this loser. He had mispronounced her name and she pretended to be offended enough to torture him with her feet.

Princess Serena was disappointed in the breakfast her slave had cooked. She had to get him to learn to cook better food so she used her foot fetish to punish him. She got him to lick her high heels and jerk off humiliatingly to her instructions before she felt he had learned his lesson and she let him go. She also told him to try online recipes in order to learn faster.

Mistress Isabella felt like she needed to humiliate her slave for fun. He had not messed up but she had missed humiliating him. And she did it using her bare feet. She called him to her room and she used an excuse to dominate him. She forced him to lick her feet and suck her toes. When he was done, she made him rub her feet then she let him go.

Mistress Cat watched as this guy messed up. She had given him clear instructions on what to do and she was pissed that he did not follow them. She let him mess up and when he was done, she punished him. She used her stinky socks as well as her boots dirty sneakers to punish him. He had to lick them clean and he did. He was degraded and he learned never to ignore her advice and instructions.

Mistress Felicia was not happy with the kind of things that this loser had done. She summoned him and asked him to explain why he had done them. She did not like his explanations and she punished him for it. Mistress Felicia used her foot fetish to do it. She got him to lick her bare feet, lick her socks as well as lick her dirty sneakers including the soles.

Lady Stefanie felt that she had to teach this loser a lesson. She went to the park and she sat on a bench. She then called him to where was and she had him lick her sneakers clean. They were dirty and she watched as he licked them without batting an eyelid. She did not care what other people would say and the humiliation was on him not on her.

Goddess Nika is the kind of person you do not mess with. She does not believe in getting mad when pissed. She believes in getting even. And that is what she did today as she used her dirty boots to dominate and humiliate this loser. She made him lick them till they were clean. And she warned him that she could use them to crush his balls and his cock.

This mistress knew is an impatient person. She likes things done to her liking and she likes them done instantly. She did not want to wait for this loser to do what she wanted when he wanted. So she humiliated him with her sneakers and she got him to do it the way she wanted and when she wanted it. Meanwhile, she waited while chatting on her phone as he did what she wanted.

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