Best Foot Fetish

All about beautiful girls showing off their adorable feet.

Mistress Lilia enters the floor with her sexy black high heels as she notices that two bananas are lying on the ground next to her. She decides to crush them with her shoes! First she steps on those fruits using her sole and sharp heel, then she takes them off to feel them as they crush under her bare sole.

Jenny sits down on the stairs to smoke a cigarette. As her feet are hurting she takes off her shoes and shows you her pretty feet in socks first. As she knows how much you love her feet she takes off her socks too and presents her sexy bare feet which she sticks right in your direction.

Princess Lena Nicole comes right from the Gym and she's still wearing her training outfit - including her old sneakers and sweat-soaked socks! Now she instructs you to jerk off to her stinky socks and feet!

Lady Velvet spent all day in the office wearing a pantyhose and now her feet are really sweaty. She takes her shoes off and sticks her stinky feet right into your face. But she does not only want you to worship her feet, she also lifts her skirt and places her hot ass right on your face so you can smell her ass odor too! In the end she takes her pantyhose off and stuffs it right into your mouth! Come on, suck your goddesses' sweat out of it!

Mistress Katja has a new job for you. You'll start by licking her sexy grey Dior pumps clean. As you're a good foot slave you'll suck all the street dirt from her shoe soles before she takes her shoes off and you can continue to worship her sexy bare feet. What are you waiting for? Start worshipping her now!

Four hot Asian girls are sitting on a bench in front of you, showing you their sexy high heels and waiting for you to start licking them. At first they only verbally humiliate you, but soon they start spitting on the floor and rub their shoe soles in the spit - now you can lick the dirt from the shoe soles mixed with their spit!

Sexy Lady Yvonne sits on her slaves chest as she smokes a cigarette. She enjoys the smoke and her dominance as she rubs her stinky feet all over her slaves face. He licks every inch between her toes and of her sole. Then commands him to open his mouth and drops her cigarette ashes right into it...

Sexy Mistress Katja crushes a banana in this clip. You are in view from down below and you have a great look at her marvelous soles as she slowly lowers her sexy feet on the fruit. Then she increases the pressure until the banana squeezes out of its peel. She smiles down at her artwork and tries to imagine that it was you she has smashed under her bare soles...

Mistress CP has magical attributes and abilities but she has avoided to speak about them or tell them to anyone - but now she is so angry that she made use of them. Her husband was cheating on her with another girl. She simply transformed his car into a toy car and put it on the ground somewhere in the forest to crush it...

This gorgeous girl is called Irma. She wears sexy black pumps with a high heel in this clip. She wants you to see her sexy bare feet - so she takes off her shoes and makes you look at her wonderful soles and toes. She laughs as she noticed that you got an erection...

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