Best Foot Fetish

All about beautiful girls showing off their adorable feet.

Mistress Harper came home wasted. She had been drinking and dancing at the club and she wanted to have a little bit of fun. So she asked her slave to lick her feet. He knew that she would soon fall asleep because she was drunk and tired. So he focused on rubbing her feet and making her relax and in no time, she was fast asleep and he avoided being humiliated.

When it comes to dominating guys, this mistress loves and prefers to use her boots. She was on the train headed home to punish this guy but she wanted to find out what new things she could do with her boots. So she checked on the internet to see what she had never done so that she could do it. By the time she got home, she had found a few.

Goddess Lena does not have smelly feet but she knows that licking her socks as well as her sneakers is disgusting and humiliating. And that is why she got her slave to do it as punishment. He had forgotten to carry out her instructions and that was the reward for being forgetful. It would teach him not to be forgetful again. And he never forgot anything she told him to do.

Mistress Natasha was in a bad mood and she did not feel like talking to anyone. When she got home, her slave pissed her off some more and she took out her anger on him. She got her slave to lick her boots which were dirty. She sat and stretched her feet for him to lick the boots. The slave was only allowed to stop once the boots were clean.

Lady Stefanie did not like how her feet smelled. She had to do something about it so she called her slave and she accused him of being behind her smelly feet. She got the loser to lick her socks and then lick her bare feet. She could see how he was struggling to breathe and she laughed at him. She then asked him to wash her feet as well as her socks.

Madame Marissa found out that her slave was not as hard-working as she expected him to be. She was disappointed in him but she knew it was up to her to make him change. She forced him to change by making him lick the soles of her shoes as well as smell her stockings. He was humiliated and degraded and that helped him to change as he did not want a repeat of the same.

Mistress Corinna could not understand why her slave was such a loser. She did not want to associate herself with losers so she dominated and degraded her for fun. She wanted him to use that chance and to learn from the humiliation so as to change. She forced him to lick her feet as she told him what she wanted to be changed and why. He changed to avoid being humiliated again.

Lady Alice is not your average mistress. She is the kind of person who likes to torture and to dominate anyone who pisses her off. Today it was this loser who made her angry and she did not think too much about it. She was wearing her boots and she used them to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. He regretted what he had done and begged for mercy before he was let go.

This mistress did not like what she had seen from this loser. She wanted him to stop being a loser and a con so she used her boots to teach him a lesson. But she did not do it on the train where the mistake was committed. She waited for him to alight and she alighted with him. She then taught him a lesson she was sure he would not forget easily.

Mistress Veronika was disappointed to learn that this loser had been doing things without her knowledge. She had told him to inform her of everything he was doing and she was pissed that he did not do it. She used her bare feet to torture and humiliate him. She asked him to lick her flip flops and her bare feet as punishment and by the end of it, he had learned his lesson.

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