Best Foot Fetish

All about beautiful girls showing off their adorable feet.

This one is very nice - Nicole wears some sexy high heels with acute tops. You can see her right from the bottom. She slowly squeezes two kiwis! First she holes them with her sharp heel, then she smashes them completely. She is really enjoying what she is doing because she is laughing and smiling all the time...

Jessy looks down on you while you are laying right in front of her on the ground. She smiles and has you where she always wanted to have you! Her beautiful and perfect shaped socked feet suddenly covers your sight as her face turns evil and she stomps into your face! She laughs and continues stomp by stomp. You can experience it all right in point of view...

Cathy has very big feet and she loves it to have them licked clean and worshipped! In this clip she sits right in front of you on a stair. She wears some nice flip flops and shows off her perfect feet! She orders you to kiss and to worship them like a good slave. She also gives you a view on her marvelous soles!

In this clip you can admire the gorgeous Lady Jessy Blue Eyes while she is dancing. First she wears some peep toe Pumps and later she gets out of them to show her sexy and well pedicured French nail toes! This woman really knows how to drive someone crazy.

The Money-Princess walks her way home barefoot as she sees a tomato on the ground. She imagines that the vegetable could be the brain of any slave! She smiles and starts to crush it with her bare feet. Later she holds her dirty soles right into the camera to show off what she has just done...

Jeanette sits on the couch with her sweaty and stinky socks on. She has worn them the full day and now she wants to torture you with them. So she commands you to smell them for her. She knows you would never deny her any wish, so you get down on your knees and start to sniff as she starts to laugh...

In this clip you are laying on the ground as Jessy appears. She is so gorgeous and beautiful but also very cruel. She smiles down on you, lifts her foot above you and starts to lower it until she hits your sight. Everything is getting dark and you know you are right under her bog sexy foot. What will happen next to you?

Jessy shows your her perfect shaped feet. Her soles are silky and soft and each toe seems to be perfect! She smiles down on you because she knows how much you are turned on by her sexy feet. Now get down on your knees and worship this young mistress like she deserves to be worshipped. You know you cannot resist her :)

Two very sexy cuties with high heeled pumps and sandals put the collectible cars of their husbands on the ground! There are 20 cars right now which are very expensive. They smile and start crushing the cars with their shoes and heels. They stomp and slowly crack the cars one by one until nothing is left over.

Money Princess Andrea is showing you her awesome collection of Buffalo shoes. You can see her sexy small feet slipping into the sexy high heel shoes and watch her walking around wearing them - the clicking sound of her heels turns you on, huh? Or are you even afraid of these sharp pointy heels?

Mistress Samira is walking outside with her boots in the mud. She makes her shoes really dirty just to let you clean them for her - but as you do a failure she simply crushes your loved collectible car with her heel right in front of you! You are shocked but too afraid to do anything that could make the current situation any worse ...

Look at this nasty dirty foot soles of this hot chick Xenia. She walked around wearing no shoes the whole day and now it's time for you to clean them - with your tongue!

Kitty and Gina are dressed up in their hot business skirts and jackets. They're trying on different outfits and high heels, checking and discussing which ones look best.

Sexy Princess Jenny sits on the couch and watches tv while you're allowed to clean her dirty sneakers with your tongue. You want your foot mistress to be satisfied, don't you?

In this clip you can see this gorgeous girl Jasmina Sun driving her BMW hard. First she's wearing her sneakers and uses them to push the gas pedal to the metal but after a while she uses her socks and finally her sexy bare feet to pump the pedal.

Lady Victoria uses her sexy feet to crush a banana. First she gently crushes it under her sexy high heels before she takes them off and crushes the banana under her bare feet.

Mistress Katja received a big package of stuff from one of her slaves and crushes everything under her sexy brown boots. The hard sole and sharp heels of the boots destroy cd cases, video cassettes and even a fax machine without problems and she doesn't stop until everything is crushed into tiny little bits.

Jenny wants you to smell her stinky shoes, socks and bare feet while she's sitting on the window board and smokes a cigarette. Come on footslave, you can't resist this cruel beauty, can you?

Olga gets into her car wearing grey leather boots and starts to pump the gas pedal. She revs the engine using her sexy shoes before she takes them off and continues to torture the engine using her feet which are now just covered with white socks.

Anny is a very sexy and young girl. She is 18 years old and she loves her feet! And she is very flexible too! She likes to show you her feet and wants you to smell them. Do you like her sneakers? Then she takes her sneakers off and shows you her black lacquered toe nails - before she starts to lick her own toes! What a flexible, sexy girl with hot feet she is...!

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