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The mistress loves to crush brownies with her sneakers. The way those soft cakes squish under her soles and how it can be mixed with dirt and mud turns her on as she thinks about a slave who might lick all those smashed chocolate under her soles - maybe she will find someone for that privilege, maybe it will be you?

Mistress C. P has taken her husband's most favorite and most loved collection car outside. her target is to crush and destroy it as horrible surprise for her husband - the same kind of surprise he used to surprise her as she founds him with the secretary girl of his office...

Mistress High Heel Mary sits on a char as her slave is kneeling right in front of her. First she pleasurably lights a cigarette then she smokes it with joy and makes him eat her ashes. She keeps dropping it right into his slave mouth. Next she makes him lick her dirty bots clean as reward for being such a nice living ashtray...

Empress Victoria has caught a Voyeur who was stalking and watching her feet all the time. He was staring in such a flamboyant way that it was not possible that she wouldn't notice that. So she wants to punish and torture him for peeping at her sexy perfect feet in nice white sandals...

The money Princess wears a very sexy latex skirt combined with a white top and black over knee boots in this clip. She has dropped a toy on the ground - well it isn't just any toy, it's her husbands favorite model train - well she has put it on the ground and now she lifts her heel right above that little vehicle. Next she lowers it and makes the car crack...

This very sexy mature mistress has many expensive shoes. And she wants YOU to look at every single pair worn by her perfect sized and perfect shaped little feet. She also wears dark nylons - this combination is really deadly so be warned, watching this clip could affect very dangerous on you.

Goddess Jessy makes you weak with her perfect feet. Since she knows about your little dirty secret - talking about your pathetic foot fetish - she decides to use her marvelous feet for her advantage. She shows them off, makes you stare at them and playfully moves her perfect toes... Aren't you already kneeling ready to serve and do whatever this perfect girl wants you to?

The Mistress arrives at home with her luxury car. As she opens the door to leave it, her soles crushed a little cheese. First she didn't notice but then she laughs as she sees the squashed cheese under her sexy pumps. She has the desire to repeat this experience - so she crushes some several cheese for her own amusement.

Cheeky Brat Girl Susan pumps the pedal in this clip. She wears sexy flip flop thongs and shows off her perfectly pedicured black polished toes. First she lets the engine growl by stepping on the pedal with her shoes, after that she enjoys pumping them with her bare feet.

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