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Mistress Angelina loves crushing things with her sneakers. She first gently places her foot on the car and then puts her full weight on the toy car smashing it, she then uses her foot to crush the toy car for all those who have a crushing fetish. There is even a POV crush scene giving you the perspective of the car being trampled into a million pieces never to be fixed or played with again.

Mistress C. P has taken her husband's most favorite and most loved collection car outside. her target is to crush and destroy it as horrible surprise for her husband - the same kind of surprise he used to surprise her as she founds him with the secretary girl of his office...

Mistress Samira and one of her girlfriends are having a lot of fun crushing those toy cars with their sexy sneakers and plateau boots. They laugh as the small cars crack and get destroyed under their heavy weight... They kick, grind and stomp until nothing is left over...

Two very sexy cuties with high heeled pumps and sandals put the collectible cars of their husbands on the ground! There are 20 cars right now which are very expensive. They smile and start crushing the cars with their shoes and heels. They stomp and slowly crack the cars one by one until nothing is left over.

Mistress Samira is walking outside with her boots in the mud. She makes her shoes really dirty just to let you clean them for her - but as you do a failure she simply crushes your loved collectible car with her heel right in front of you! You are shocked but too afraid to do anything that could make the current situation any worse ...

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