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This hot mistress looks harmless but she is anything but harmless. That is what this guy came to find out. He tried to take advantage of her gentle manners and demeanor. She could see where he was going with whatever he was trying so she played along and took him to her place. She turned on him and she punished him cruelly using her high heels. He could not believe it.

This horny foot fetish babe looks down at your while you crawl over to get a closer look at her feet. She has some sexy and shiny pantyhose on with white high heels. When you put your face close to her feet, she wiggles her high heels with her toes. She wants you to lick her shoes clean and then you can lick the sweat off her stocking covered feet.

When this mistress feels horny, she starts flirting. And when she does, one gets to know about her foot fetish. She was flirting with this guy and once he realized it, he gave in to her demands which were that if he gave her a footgasm, she would give him the best fuck of his life. She made him lick her feet and massage them and then she gave him her special.

This mistress wanted to humiliate her slave in public. She made him lick her soles in public without caring who would watch

This mistress' driver drove her expensive car into a ditch. She got mad and punished him by trampling on him with her boots

Mistress CP has magical attributes and abilities but she has avoided to speak about them or tell them to anyone - but now she is so angry that she made use of them. Her husband was cheating on her with another girl. She simply transformed his car into a toy car and put it on the ground somewhere in the forest to crush it...

Lady Chanel drops an apple right onto the floor. She says good bye to it and starts to crush it with her white boots. Over and over again she keeps stepping on it and smiles as she notices how destroyed and crushed the fruit looks. After it is completely wasted she smiles into the camera and orders you to lick and eat it all up for her...

Lady C. Passion has found a teddy bear on the street. First she thought about putting it somewhere where it could be found easily but then she trapped herself getting hot while thinking about how that cute little bear would look like after she would stomp and crush it with her sexy white heels.

Mistress C. P has taken her husband's most favorite and most loved collection car outside. her target is to crush and destroy it as horrible surprise for her husband - the same kind of surprise he used to surprise her as she founds him with the secretary girl of his office...

The Mistress arrives at home with her luxury car. As she opens the door to leave it, her soles crushed a little cheese. First she didn't notice but then she laughs as she sees the squashed cheese under her sexy pumps. She has the desire to repeat this experience - so she crushes some several cheese for her own amusement.

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