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Goddess Jessy makes you weak with her perfect feet. Since she knows about your little dirty secret - talking about your pathetic foot fetish - she decides to use her marvelous feet for her advantage. She shows them off, makes you stare at them and playfully moves her perfect toes... Aren't you already kneeling ready to serve and do whatever this perfect girl wants you to?

Cheeky Brat Girl Susan pumps the pedal in this clip. She wears sexy flip flop thongs and shows off her perfectly pedicured black polished toes. First she lets the engine growl by stepping on the pedal with her shoes, after that she enjoys pumping them with her bare feet.

This clip is filmed from under a makeup table where a foot fetish voyeur waits for Mistress Katja. She comes in and sits down at the table - placing her feet with polished toe-nails directly in front of the camera. You can see her soles later too!

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