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Dancer July Diamond is an exotic dancer who wants to make you her foot slave every time she dances, she loves taking her sweaty feet out of her high heels and then shoving her dirty sweaty feet in your face forcing you to smell them after every performance. This foot mistress then humiliates you by telling you how pathetic you are under her bare feet laughing in your face.

Jessy wears pink soft leather boots as you are laying on the ground next to her feet. She smiles down on you and starts to lower the bottoms of her nice boots right on your face. You cannot do anything but letting her step on you foot by foot. She really enjoys having you down and groveling to her sexy feet, that's where you belong...

That's right, you are now trapped under my sneakers sicko. And guess what follows next? Right! Stick your pervert tongue out bitch boy. Yes that's a good boy - lick my dirty soles clean, use your tongue! Lick up all the dirty and say "thank you mistress"! Good boy - now swallow, here comes my other shoe...

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