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Madame Marissa wanted this lazy slave to know that she did not condone any nonsense from him. As such, she took him to her forest and she had him try to do some manual work. When he could not, she trampled him with her boots to teach him a lesson. He was taken by surprise but she told him he should have seen it coming as he was lazy.

With her boots, this mistress made sure that she dominated and humiliated this guy as painfully as she could. It was a lot of fun for her but she did not care how it all turned out for the guy. That is why she chose to use muddy boots to trample him. He had to lick them clean before she was done with him. He was told that it was a condition for her to stop dominating him.

Madame Marissa found out that her slave was not as hard-working as she expected him to be. She was disappointed in him but she knew it was up to her to make him change. She forced him to change by making him lick the soles of her shoes as well as smell her stockings. He was humiliated and degraded and that helped him to change as he did not want a repeat of the same.

Madame Marissa caught this guy spying on her and she was not thrilled about it. She laid a trap on him and she caught him. She then had fun crushing him and humiliating him using her boots. She stomped on his head to pump some sense into it. She then asked him who had sent him and what he had gathered so far before she let him go and warned him never to spy on her again.

Madame Marissa was not happy with her slave. She had asked him to do a task for her but he had not done it. She was pissed and he punished him using her foot fetish. She used her boots to do it and she cruelly made sure he learned his lesson. She tortured him by making him lick the mud she had stepped on with her boots. He did it as he had no choice and it made him learn his lesson.

Marissa is a sexy mistress. She likes having her way and this time, she wanted to have a guy lick her dirty feet.

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