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Dancer July Diamond is an exotic dancer who wants to make you her foot slave every time she dances, she loves taking her sweaty feet out of her high heels and then shoving her dirty sweaty feet in your face forcing you to smell them after every performance. This foot mistress then humiliates you by telling you how pathetic you are under her bare feet laughing in your face.

Loona loves when she walks around all day and come home to her foot slave and make them take off her boots revealing her black stinky sweaty socks. She loves humiliating them by forcing them to smell her socks as she laughs and makes fun of her slave taking it and not fighting back her stinky smelly feet. She loves her feet being worshiped and will never make you stop until she feels like it.

You want to work for this company? Well, meet your new Boss: July Diamond. On hot summer days she wears next to nothing in her office and if you know what's good for you, you'll tell her at the first possible moment just how sexy her feet are. She will then show them to you in her black high heel sandals while posing in her bikini on the desk. Look at her beautiful toes wiggling for you after she has taken her shoes off. Damn, you know you are in heaven, right?

Lady Loona sees you lying helplessly on the floor. She smiles down to you as if she plans something bad. "I have always waited for that, you stupid little bug!" she says, as she lifts her shoe over your face. And before you are able to say anything, she lowers it and crushes you! Then she removes her shoe and continues crushing you with her bare feet...

July Diamond is your boss! Since she found out your obsession for feet and shoes and noticed that you are also submissive, she decided to make use of you. Now you are her personal foot boy! Once you have owned that company, now it's owned by her including you as her personal foot toy.

Mistress Diana has you right where she wanted you: Helpless on the ground beneath her feet. She lifts her foot with a smile. Then she instantly lowers it right on your face with no mercy! She kicks your face over and over again and makes sure you suffer under her sandal soles.

Sexy Lady Yvonne sits on her slaves chest as she smokes a cigarette. She enjoys the smoke and her dominance as she rubs her stinky feet all over her slaves face. He licks every inch between her toes and of her sole. Then commands him to open his mouth and drops her cigarette ashes right into it...

Gorgeous foot girl Magda sits on the couch as you are kneeling on the ground looking at her. She slowly takes off her white strap sandals and shows off her sexy wide and large soles. She begins to smile as she starts to wiggle her toes. Then she commands you to get closer.

Lady Janina knows all about your disgusting little foot fetish. She sits on the couch and makes you stare at her perfect white sexy soles. Next she makes you smell them. After you become dizzy by her smell, she takes off her white socks and makes you kiss, lick and worship her bare feet.

Jessy wears pink soft leather boots as you are laying on the ground next to her feet. She smiles down on you and starts to lower the bottoms of her nice boots right on your face. You cannot do anything but letting her step on you foot by foot. She really enjoys having you down and groveling to her sexy feet, that's where you belong...

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