Best Foot Fetish

All about beautiful girls showing off their adorable feet.

All articles in archive 2/2010

In this clip you can admire the gorgeous Lady Jessy Blue Eyes while she is dancing. First she wears some peep toe Pumps and later she gets out of them to show her sexy and well pedicured French nail toes! This woman really knows how to drive someone crazy.

The Money-Princess walks her way home barefoot as she sees a tomato on the ground. She imagines that the vegetable could be the brain of any slave! She smiles and starts to crush it with her bare feet. Later she holds her dirty soles right into the camera to show off what she has just done...

Jeanette sits on the couch with her sweaty and stinky socks on. She has worn them the full day and now she wants to torture you with them. So she commands you to smell them for her. She knows you would never deny her any wish, so you get down on your knees and start to sniff as she starts to laugh...

In this clip you are laying on the ground as Jessy appears. She is so gorgeous and beautiful but also very cruel. She smiles down on you, lifts her foot above you and starts to lower it until she hits your sight. Everything is getting dark and you know you are right under her bog sexy foot. What will happen next to you?

Jessy shows your her perfect shaped feet. Her soles are silky and soft and each toe seems to be perfect! She smiles down on you because she knows how much you are turned on by her sexy feet. Now get down on your knees and worship this young mistress like she deserves to be worshipped. You know you cannot resist her :)

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